Monday, October 14, 2013

पहली कलम

पल पल कटते ये पल यूं ही गुजर जाते हैं,
किन्ही ख्वाबोँ में खोये-खोये मकाम निकल जाते हैं,

सपनोँ की दरारो से बचपन दिखाई पड़ता है,
दौड़-भाग में गुजरते वक्त का ठहाका सुनाई पड़ता है

जिंदगी के हर लम्हे में एक परछाई सी दिखाई देती है,
इस दौर के कोलाहल में भी एक तन्हाई सी सुनाई देती है,

आज बिना नक़ाब के अस्तित्व अधूरा लगता है,
'पहली कलम' से ना जाने क्योँ, व्यक्तित्व फिर भी पूरा लगता है!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Echelons Of Redemption

Here I was, trying to get to sleep. And suddenly I realized I have been nothing but sleeping. I felt that I have been all too dull...boring...and lazy in everything that was me. And it has been quite some time since this 'stuff' has been bugging me.

Today I realized it was time to change this all. This month has been a month of Redemptions, and I have tried improving on the activity level. Most blogs start with realizations and as soon as you come to terms with them, they are bereft of life. I promise myself not to give same fate to this one.
Give? Yes, what we call fate for one, is a sanction by somebody else. How to control fate? Realizations and Redemptions are the best I can suggest.

You must be wondering the redemption part of my deal, I judged: "Activity breeds knowledge".
I once read, any and all humans crave for one of the four things: Power, Money, Fame Or Lust. For those who stand believer of the above 'materialistication', Power is said to be the ruler of them all. To my surprise, knowledge didnt appear on that list. What happened to the art and inquisitiveness forming the guts of Einsteins, Picassos and Shakespeares? They would probably laugh out loud at that.

While I am writing this, my thoughts seem to be plagued by under-use of gray cells. So I will get back to sleep but before that let me pledge, to the echelons_of_redemption.

Early Morning of 03rd August'09